Build your ClickUp workspace with an expert by your side through consulting, training, & done-for-you services

Build your ClickUp workspace with
an expert by your side through
consulting, training, & done-for-you services

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Your operations-focused solution to optimizing, streamlining, & scaling your business operations with ClickUp.

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Customized operations completely built for
you, your team, and your clients

Effective, clear, and optimized workflows to
accomplish tasks & projects

Increased productivity & seamless team &
client management

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Figure out where to start

Work through the overwhelm of endless

Simplify & streamline your projects & processes

Integrate & build effective team workflows

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- Michelle DeNio, Business Coach

“Jena Paulo is the ClickUp master. She truly is THE person to speak to with any of your [ClickUp or operations] questions. She can even do all the setup for you if you don’t feel like doing it yourself. Highly recommend connecting with her!”

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No cookie-cutter services, just made-for-you experiences.

Your results are uniquely crafted to fill the gaps in your systems and operational structure using ClickUp as the tool.

Meet the needs of your team and your clients through organization,
effective workflows, and standard procedures for operating all in one centralized and robust platform

Customized solutions to your unique problems

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“I felt like all of my systems were in my head and all out of order. I was
managing everything on my own and was nearing burnout pretty
quickly. Just took everything in my brain and turned it into an actual
system in ClickUp (no more chaos and I can actually sleep at night LOL).

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About Jena

I help my clients create SCALABLE systems & processes that enable them to GROW their business SUSTAINABLY with ClickUp as the operational base.

I’m Jena Paulo, and I am a Business Operations Consultant & ClickUp