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- Louise Hipperson, Accountant Agency Owner

“I got exactly what I wanted and more! I needed help setting up my project management tool for my business, and not only did Jena set my systems up, but I got clear and scalable processes that have all my business operations and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in one place.”

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With over 15 years in Business Operations, I've melded deep expertise with ClickUp, transforming it from a mere tool to a pivotal part of the operational strategy. It's about crafting systems that resonate with your distinct challenges and goals.

Decades of Operational Mastery

My Master’s Degree in Online Teaching & Learning symbolizes not only academic prowess but a dedication to clear, effective communication and guidance. It's about ensuring you're not merely using a solution but comprehensively understanding it.

Educated to Educate

Being a recognized ClickUp Verified+ Consultant isn't just a badge. It places me within a niche league of ClickUp mavens, equipped with the latest tools and insights. Direct channels to ClickUp staff and avant-garde strategies set me ahead in the game. For you? This means always staying at the cutting-edge of operational efficiency and innovation in your ClickUp workspace.

Precision-Driven Approach

Complex challenges? I specialize in dissecting them into actionable and efficient blueprints. Every step is designed to let your team transition smoothly from thought to action.

Verified+ ClickUp Prodigy

Why Jena Paulo Virtual Solutions is Unmatched

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Versatility Across Verticals

From creative agencies to service professionals, my journey spans industries, ensuring that the solutions are tailored, not templated, to your business's nuances.

A Global Footprint

I've left indelible marks worldwide, with 150+ ClickUp workspaces crafted for varied businesses across 30 US states and four continents. This extensive outreach speaks volumes about the adaptability and robustness of my strategies.

The Essence of Jena Paulo Solutions:

Combining rich operational wisdom with an unwavering commitment to ClickUp optimization, my mission is to align and uplift your operational realm, paving the way for sustainable transformation.

Beyond that, we'll immerse your operations in ClickUp's vast potential, transitioning it from a mere tool to a pivotal pillar of your business. And with my unique status as a ClickUp Verified+ expert, you'll always have the advantage of cutting-edge insights and tools, positioning your business consistently ahead of the curve.

When we join forces, you're not just getting another consultant—you're accessing a holistic partnership tailored for excellence. Together, we'll pinpoint and address the gaps in your system, laying a fortified foundation for long-term operational stability. You'll embrace strategies designed to amplify collaboration, foster automation, and prime your business for effortless growth. 

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- CynthiA Lay, Web Designer

“Jena put into place a very logical, easy-to-use project management system [within ClickUp] that allows me to keep track of the exact status of every single project I have in the pipeline. At any given moment, I can go to my dashboard & see what phase each project is in, along with upcoming due dates & corresponding to-do lists. It’s fabulous!”

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Mastery Across Multiple Sectors

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Business Coaching | Life Coaching | Leadership Coaching 

Housing & Community Development | Museums

Parenting Educator | Online K-12 School

Real Estate Agent | Real Estate Coaching

Laser Cutting & Design Studio | Print & Digital Photo Organizing Studio

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