Create a fully functioning ClickUp workspace in just a few weeks!

Teach me your ways! 

You’ve seen the ClickUp ads.

“Save one day every week. Guaranteed.”

And as a busy entrepreneur, you know that kind of time save is a must if you want to scale up.

But here’s the thing, even though you KNOW ClickUp is a powerful, productivity-boosting supertool…building it out is something that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list.

Where do you even start? How the heck do you build a workflow? There’s too many buttons!

I know how you feel and I got you covered.

After creating over 150 ClickUp workspaces for a variety of businesses, I’ve mastered every tip, trick and strategy you need to build out a ClickUp workspace that streamlines your business and takes HOURS of admin work right off of your plate.

ClickUp doesn’t have to be overwhelming

To do

From Confined to Streamlined

If you’re wearing all of the hats, dealing with 8 million business tools and drowning in tiny admin tasks – I want you to close your eyes for a sec.

And imagine:

Finding ultimate clarity in all of your businesses processes so you never have to waste time guessing what to do 

Confidently moving around your ClickUp workspace, using it to grow your business with ease 

Being able to manage your business, team, clients and internal processes seamlessly

Creating a strong foundation that positions your business to scale up

Consolidating all of your leads, clients, and teammates into one system – and finally closing all 100 tabs you have open 

Elevating your confidence in your client experience, backend processes and ClickUp abilities 

If that sounds like the dream, it’s time to streamline your business with ClickUp so it’s working for you.

level up

15+ Hours of Easy-to-Follow Videos
A Wealth of Business Operations Knowledge
A Fully Customized ClickUp Workspace.

It’s time to Level Up with ClickUp  

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By joining Level Up with ClickUp, you’re going to master 4 key elements of your business by streamlining them using ClickUp.

Inside the Program

Social & Email Marketing Management

Event Management

Analytics & Metric Tracking

examples include:

Sales and Marketing

Business Framework in ClickUp

SOPs & Resource Databases

CRM & Lead Tracking

examples include:

Internal Operation

Team Recruitment & Hiring

Team Training & Management

ClickUp Internal Reporting Dashboards


Client Experience

Client Project Management

ClickUp Client Dashboards 

examples include:

examples include:



This program teaches you how to use the functionalities of ClickUp AND provides you with the knowledge you need to develop a customized ClickUp workspace with my proven method.

70+ ClickUp & Business Operations Training Modules with - 15+ hours of ClickUp & Business Operations training 

Learn all about ClickUp Features & Functionalities, Internal Systems, Client Systems, Team Systems, & Marketing Systems

Master your ClickUp workspace. Watch the results pour in. 

Use cases

Pre-recorded modules

- Danyel Harrison, Bookkeeper & Accountant

- Mary Zargarian, OBM Agency Owner

It’s time to level up 

15+ hours of ClickUp & Business Operations training

Robust training topics including ClickUp Features & Functionalities, Internal Systems, Client Systems, Team Systems, & Marketing Systems

Everything you need to streamline your business and create a fully functioning ClickUp workspace in only a few weeks

By joining Level Up with ClickUp, you will receive:


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3 Payments of

2 Payments of

1 Payment of


15+ years in Business Operations

Master’s Degree in Online Teaching & Learning

Serving Service Providers & Agencies

150+ ClickUp workspaces (& counting) built

Hi, I’m Jena

your host

I wrapped up all of this experience into my signature program, Level Up with ClickUp. With digestible videos that make ClickUp feel easy, you can build a fully functioning workspace that lets you streamline your business and scale it faster.

 Business Operations Consultant | Certified ClickUp Pro 

Get Started

The biggest worry I hear is “I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn ClickUp”
Challenge accepted.

Watch this foundational video and then implement what you learn.

If grasping the knowledge is easy, I KNOW you will excel during this program and leave with an efficient, customized ClickUp workspace.

Anthony Milia, Digital Marketer & Agency Owner

Who This is For?

The Level Up with ClickUp program is ideal for service-based business owners that know ClickUp is the next right move for scaling their business, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to learn this powerful system from the ground up.

Is that you?

This is creepily accurate 

- Alison Trenter, Owner of
Life Maid Better

Let’s get one thing straight. To see results, you need both ClickUp how-to videos AND strategic business operations training 

How-to videos without strategy will make you a ClickUp pro, not a CEO.

Strategy without ClickUp knowledge won’t save you time or increase scalability.

In Level Up with ClickUp, you get both. Business operations strategy knowledge to streamline your business with ClickUp mastery to immediately implement and put your processes into action.

The results: A streamlined business. Hours of time back. Major scalability potential.

success stories

- Shannon Payne, Web Designer

"I'm pretty happy with how I have all my SOPs & resources setup & I'm actually using it which is a good sign. I feel like I'm finally making progress which is awesome."


"This program has made me not just a better project manager, but I'm now a better leader and better advisor to my clients. Thank you for such great information and guidance on how to set up ClickUp for scale."

"For me, everything is useful and even though I don't know what I'm doing, I have no shame in admitting that. It's all about the learning process for me and the lessons we are going through never fail to provide me with more insight every time.

I was just thinking today how at first glance, it seems like ClickUp is only about spaces, folders, lists and tasks. But lesson #5 goes into detail on how to fine tune a list, which i'm learning is invaluable.

I have yet to apply this in my own ClickUp but the practice is helping and once I review it again, it'll be fine. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day!"

- Kate Sullivan, Certified Online Business Manager