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No one likes long meetings.  Most people loathe them.  Your team’s time is valuable, and so is yours. 

Let’s talk about how you can use a ClickUp Dashboard to organize and manage your team, eliminate the need for lengthy meetings, and still get insane value out of the time spent.

Here are the widgets we recommend including on your dashboard.

Overdue Tasks

Showing all the overdue tasks is a must-have for any Team Dashboard to help make long meetings a thing of the past. You can add a widget to your dashboard that shows all the overdue tasks. You’ll be able to quickly address the highest priority needs in one space without clicking back and forth between spaces or tasks.

Follow these steps to add this widget to your dashboard:

  1. Add Widget > Select Task List
  2. Add a Task Filter
  3. Where “Due date is Overdue”

This is a great and simple way to ensure that everyone on the team is not only on the same page but staying up to date on their tasks.

Tagged Tasks for Discussion

Your team may also have tasks they want to discuss during the meeting.  Rather than getting a full briefing on each project, you could just discuss the tasks with questions.  All questions will be answered promptly, and no one will feel left out of the conversation. 

If your team has a question, simply add a tag for “team meeting,” and it will appear on the Team Dashboard.

Follow these steps to add this widget to your dashboard:

  1. Add Widget > Select Task List
  2. Add a Task Filter
  3. Where “Tag is,” then select the appropriate tag

You’ll be able to add columns to show the last comment or any other pertinent information to get the question answered.

Meeting Notes

Another great way to use ClickUp dashboards to manage your team meetings is by taking meeting notes directly in ClickUp. 

This is great for two reasons: first, it ensures everyone has access to the meeting notes (no more lost notebooks!). Second, ClickUp’s notes feature lets you quickly and easily tag people and create tasks, so everyone knows who needs to do what after the meeting.

Plus, ClickUp’s meeting notes are shareable and easily editable, so you can keep them updated even after the meeting.

Follow these steps to add this widget to your dashboard:

  1. Create the Meeting Notes doc before adding it to your dashboard
  2. Click on Add Widget > Embed > Custom Embed > Embed URL
  3. Insert the link from the doc settings

You’ll be able to update your notes document directly from the dashboard as you review overdue and tagged tasks.

These are just three ways you can use ClickUp dashboards to manage your team meetings. Implementing even one of these strategies will save time, increase productivity, and shorten meetings.

Once you’ve set up your Team Dashboard, invite your team members so they can follow along during the meeting. 

Do you need support creating seamless operations within your ClickUp system, including dashboards like this? 

Check out ClickUp Buildout Sprints.  A ClickUp Certified Consultant will set up your ClickUp workspace and implement a structure for a high-quality team and client experience in just one day. 

Stop Long Meetings with a ClickUp Team Dashboard

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