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Hi, I'm Jena

Have you ever wondered what my life as a ClickUp consultant is like? Well, today, I’m going to take you on a journey through a Saturday night in my life as a Verified+ ClickUp consultant. Get ready to discover the perfect blend of work and play as we delve into my exciting day!

Morning Bliss: A Date Night Prep

Today is date night, so I’m getting ready with a pedicure first thing in the morning. Definitely can’t go wrong with a little bit of pampering. It’s an early date night, so right around 12, I decided it was time to figure out what I was actually going to wear. I found a super cute onesie with the fun sleeve and my fur coat that I have been dying to wear, paired it with my cheetah pants, and it was time to go.

Adventures Begin: From Oakland to San Francisco

We headed out to Oakland; we were grabbing the ferry from Oakland to San Francisco so we could walk the pier and grab an appetizer before our dinner reservations. We decided that oysters and a cocktail were the move so we stopped at Hog Island, and it was delicious. Absolutely did not disappoint. Next, we had to hop on another ferry that took us to Sausalito, and if I’m being honest, we almost did not make the ferry. We were confused and didn’t know where to go, but finally found it and made our way to Sausalito.

A Charming Wine Bar

We strolled downtown and found a cute little wine bar and decided to stop for a glass of wine.

Fine Dining: A Memorable Dinner at Adidas

We had dinner reservations right across the street from the wine bar at Adidas, which is a super cute and fancy restaurant. It was an amazing night of great food and even better company.

The Perfect Saturday Night

And that’s a Saturday night in the life of a verified plus, ClickUp consultant. I’ll see you tomorrow on Sunday.

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A Week in the Life of a Verified+ ClickUp Consultant: SATURDAY


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