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I help service-based professionals and creative agencies build scalable backend operations that support growth and sustainability in business using ClickUp as the operational base.

Hi, I'm Jena

Ever wondered what a typical Sunday looks like for a ClickUp consultant like me?

It’s Sunday, and in my household, Sundays are all about taking it easy, spending quality time with my family, and enjoying some well-deserved relaxation. Join me as I share my delightful Sunday routine as a verified+ ClickUp consultant.

A Lazy Start to the Day

Sunday mornings are a time to unwind and soak up the coziness of our home. My husband and I like to savor the extra moments in bed, wrapped in the comfort of our sheets. We kickstart our day by watching reruns of old game shows on TV, which never fail to bring a sense of nostalgia and joy.

In my own words, “We move real slow in this household.”

A Tooth Fairy Miracle

Our leisurely morning takes an exciting turn when our son bursts into our room, ecstatically exclaiming, “It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle!” The reason for his elation? His first lost tooth, and the tooth fairy is about to make a special visit.

My husband and I share in our son’s enthusiasm, marveling at the magic of childhood wonder. It’s moments like these that make Sunday mornings truly extraordinary.

Indulging in Ramen Cravings

After all the excitement, our stomachs start to growl, reminding us that it’s time for breakfast. I’ve been craving a hearty bowl of ramen, so we decide to head to our favorite local ramen spot. There’s something about a steaming bowl of ramen that makes any Sunday perfect.

Leisurely Afternoon Vibes

Back at home, we continue to embrace the relaxed vibes of the day. The afternoon is all about unwinding together, watching TV, and simply enjoying each other’s company. It’s a time for bonding, creating memories, and cherishing the moments we have as a family.

Sunday TV Delights

Sundays hold a special place in my heart, not just for relaxation but also for my favorite TV shows. Sunday evenings mean it’s “The Walking Dead” day in our household, and I’m an avid fan.

But there’s more – we’re currently engrossed in a spin-off show featuring the beloved character Daryl Dixon. Episode two has been nothing short of amazing, and I eagerly anticipate each new episode.

Wrapping Up a Perfect Sunday

And there you have it – a glimpse into my Sunday as a verified+ ClickUp consultant. It’s a day filled with warmth, laughter, and relaxation, centered around family, good food, and cherished traditions. These Sundays remind me that amid our busy lives, taking a moment to slow down and savor the simple joys can be the most rewarding experience.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through my Sunday routine, and perhaps it’s inspired you to create your own special Sunday traditions. Stay tuned for more adventures in the life of a ClickUp consultant!

A Week in the Life of a Verified+ ClickUp Consultant: SUNDAY


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