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I help service-based professionals and creative agencies build scalable backend operations that support growth and sustainability in business using ClickUp as the operational base.

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When it comes to client acquisition, retention, program launching, and consistent audience value, email marketing plays a massive role. Learning how to organize your campaigns in your Project Management Tool (ClickUp) can change the game when it comes to collaborating with your team, organizing your client’s journey, and optimizing the impact of your content.

Below are the 5 Best Practices for Managing your Email Marketing Campaigns with ClickUp

(For Video breakdown: Click Here)

Create a List for Email Marketing

So above you will see that we have a list labeled “email content” this is where all of the next few practices will be housed. Here you will see the outline of multiple campaigns and within these campaigns, you can see the emails that are included.

Categorize those Emails with Custom Fields

Here you can add as many customs fields as you need to identify your categories, launch focus, client experience phase, or whatever unique needs you have.

Use ClickUp Dependencies

The use of dependencies comes into play when certain elements of a sequence rely on other elements in the sequence. Above you can see the red icon signifying that this phase in the campaign is what the other two campaigns are waiting on (yellow icons).

Create Campaign ClickUp Timeline

Referencing back to the list image you can see that we used the start and end date as part of the main list per email. This comes into play for creating a campaign timeline using the Gantt Chart feature.

Create a ClickUp Mind Map

And even further visually, you can lay out your campaigns using the Mind Map feature. You can set it up to pull directly from what you have already created in the list. You can also use a blank mind map when you are brainstorming and mapping out your campaign.

(For Video breakdown: Click Here)

The Procedure & Process Management Plug & Play Foundation is everything you need to build, manage & maintain your companies Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

What you’ll get:

  • High-level Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) organizational structure
  • 100 Templated SOPs for Client Operations, Team Operations & Marketing
  • Templated forms & mind-map workflows
  • Color-coded & customized fields for identifying & organizing documentation

5 Best Practices for Managing Email Marketing Campaigns with ClickUp

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