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I help service-based professionals and creative agencies build scalable backend operations that support growth and sustainability in business using ClickUp as the operational base.

Hi, I'm Jena

Your role as the expert is to make it clear what the goals for your business should look like and how they will affect the team and your clients.

Before we jump to features you can be using; you first need to understand how they can be applied with your team.

How to Apply Goal Setting With Your Team

Start by making sure everyone is on the same page.

You don’t have to share every detail of every step of the project (no two-hour pointless meetings, but be clear about the big picture and the critical roles at play.

Break the project into teams and checkpoints

Check-in as you go and make sure the project stays aligned with the original goals

Feedback is a life and time saver! 

Don’t waste your time on elements of the project that are not benefitting your team or client. The best way to know which things to do and don’t do is to ask and observe.

3 Ways to Track Goals Using ClickUp

Time to toss the sticky notes & get everyone on the same page with your business goals.

Team Goals

Team Goals is a feature that allows you to create the bigger picture goals and then take those goals and break them into targets. 

Help your team and clients reach measurable checkpoints to understand the overall direction of your projects.

Sprint Goals

This is PERFECT for anyone who follows a model of business that breaks down larger projects into smaller cycles, often referred to as Agile project management. 

With Sprint Goals, you can complete a project, gain client feedback, reframe, and rework the product/project. The goal is to complete smaller tasks at a quicker target rate but for long-term improvement of a new offer or product. See everything updated in REAL-TIME!

Wondering what Agile sprint planning is all about? Sprint planning is a process that helps you decide the goal and duration for each sprint (production cycle). It’s the first of all the Agile project ceremonies, and if done well, sets the right tone for the whole sprint. Think of it this way. If your production cycle is a marathon, then the sprint planning meeting trains you for it. Except, this time, there’ll be no sweating it out!

Greg Swan– Content Strategist

Personal Goals

Plot twist, you can use ClickUp for more than just business.

And don’t worry, your team and clients won’t see the “do yoga 3 times this week goal” unless you permit them.

You can set up an entire space for your own goals and use permissions to keep them private from others but still easily accessible for you.

And who am I kidding? 

There are so many other ways that ClickUp lets you track and set your goals and objectives! I am just getting started.

How to Set Business Goals Using ClickUp

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