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How to Duplicate Success in Your Online Business

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How the heck do you kick-ass one month and then carry that success into the next month and the months to come?!

That is the question we are all asking about success, or at least the one I used to ask all the time. Now I am the expert in my niche, and duplicate my success over and over again! Here’s how I do it!

Consistency in Your Systems

Templates baby!! All-day, every day. Do you know how much time you save when every space and list has the ability to be duplicated with the click of a button? 

Your client onboarding, project management, and feedback setup are can all be FULLY customized while still being wildly consistent! 

I said “bye” to the lack of consistency in my offers and services. When people work with me, I know what comes next for them and I don’t waste my time starting from scratch for every single project. To do that I had to learn not to confuse “customizing an experience” with a “lack of streamlining and organization.” Within ClickUp, you can literally save repetitive tasks, lists, and workflows in a “Template Center.” With features like this, you KNOW exactly where to start when you set up a new client or team member.

This is why my Plug & Play templates for your systems are so powerful!


Now is the time to start organizing. In order for you to be successful in supporting your business with your SOPs, you need a functional way to house, access, & link them to tasks & projects.No need to spend time building a structure in ClickUp when I’ve already got one for you!

Client Focused Objectives and Projects

It’s not about you, or at least it’s not ALL about you. You might like to do things one way, but if your clients are showing that they need something else, take a moment to refocus and reflect! Your client experience is not only the key to long-term success but is also what will make it easier to have fun and enjoy the work you are doing!

Take Time to Rest & Reset

  • Open that bottle of wine!
  • Go to that new restaurant!
  • Get the massage!

When you crush it, take a break! When it’s crushing you, take a break!

Duplicate success by leaving room for success.

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