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I help service-based professionals and creative agencies build scalable backend operations that support growth and sustainability in business using ClickUp as the operational base.

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Why focusing on a high-quality client expereince matters?

Do you ever feel like you have so many CEO/Management tasks, that you accidentally neglect the connection, communication, and experience that your clients deserve?

If you answered anything along the lines of 

“yes,” “oof kind of,” “maybe on overwhelming days,” then you are seriously not alone. This is where your client experience starts to falter.

Where is the struggle to manage the client experience coming from?

I hear it so often from people in my 1:1 container that they enjoy and understand the importance of the client experience, but they aren’t quite sure how to fully create the most high-quality workflow without sacrificing other important tasks or completely burning out.

“I can’t even seem to balance consistent client communication with the dozens of other things on my list daily, how am I supposed to do MORE?!”

When I tell you to sit down to prioritize your tasks, you may forget that client’s needs are more important than 99% of the other tasks on your list. (I don’t say 100% only because sometimes kids get sick or trash fires erupt. And that’s just part of it.)

When you don’t take this very important note into account, the lines get blurred by all the other things, leaving the client to fumble their way through your service rather than seamlessly flowing through it. BUT it doesn’t have to be this way!

So, how do you create a positive and high-quality client experience?

1. The Client Experience Starts Before They Sign

Even before the signatures and paid invoices, you need to be thinking about how each decision in your operations should make serving your clients easier.It’s what keeps your clients happy, thriving, and coming back for more.This means answering their questions, giving them clear next steps, and interacting with the content they create. 

And it literally no secret that you can use your systems to help you do this, but so many people, and maybe you, neglect to give it a chance.

Make your systems work for and with you. I mean, you do pay for them, don’t you? If you arent sure where to start, let me help.

Let’s get your systems to work FOR you!

ClickUp Buildout Sprint are highly customized project management tool (ClickUp) build-outs.

These builds are individually customized to fit the specific needs of the business and the entire team. A cookie-cutter approach to your unique backend operations doesn’t cut it.

Start by setting up a “Space” in your platform, designated specifically for all of that valuable potential client information. It can look like folders or lists where you keep a record of contacts, questions, and interests expressed by people interacting with you on Instagram, other members of Facebook groups, or people you got to chat with at your local co-working space or networking event. 

That way when they reach out to you and are ready to rock and roll with your offer, you are just as prepared! You don’t have to go combing through old Facebook comments or DMs to get on the same page or try and remember exactly where you met them.

Working on this sooner than later allows the onboarding and future communication to be less awkward and overwhelming for both you and the client, which in turn opens space for more tasks to get done. It’s seriously a win-win.

2. They have signed, what’s next?

Every interaction you have from onboarding to managing a project to offboarding, the experience your client has is what matters. 

Three easy-to-follow steps for what to do once you have their signature and their payment.

  • Set expectations early 
    • This can come in the form of an onboarding email or onboarding packet set up in a workflow. 
    • Being transparent about expectations for yourself & expectations for them is an important part of providing a high-level experience.
  • Communicate often & intentionally
    • Communicating often doesn’t mean sending them messages every day.
    • Checking in regularly in the form of automated emails or sending a quick Voxer message is all the same. The lines of communication are open & you are welcoming them to reach out by sending a simple email or message.
    • Document when you speak to them and what you spoke to them about inside your “Space” for current clients. That way you know when it’s been too long since you talked or can reference quickly to what they have been struggling with.
  • Be supportive
    • Support comes in all shapes & sizes. 
    • Get to know your clients individually & learn what they are struggling with & how they like to be supported best. 
    • It doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to send a quick encouragement, and accountability voice memo, or a quick tip. When prioritizing your tasks, add this to the top.

Here’s is an example of how I work through these steps.

  1. Prior to starting the working relationship, I hop on a call with a potential client & get to know the client & how they are operating the back end of their business – I ask questions & offer solutions that move the needle.
  2. After our initial call, I send a proposal that provides service details & expectations
  3. Once approved, contract signed, & invoice paid, I send client onboarding information that details what they can expect from me & what is expected of them along with a questionnaire that gives me a deeper look into their backend operations & how they work.

3. The service is complete, don’t leave them hanging!

Just like so many people forget that they can use their systems to create a quality experience before signing the client, they also forget they can use their systems for a positive offboarding experience as well!

Let them know you appreciate them and thank them for working with you.

A simple email, voice memo, or parting gift can go a very long way when the service you provide comes to an end for your client. I know it feels like they should be thanking you for your work, but really your work wouldnt exist without them. Let them know you are grateful.

Follow up with a quick questionnaire about their experience

This is a MUST! How the heck are you going to continue serving clients if you have no idea what is working and what is not. This is not just about getting testimonials to benefit you moving forward (although that is a definite bonus). This is about making sure you are staying in tune with your clients and their needs. Hopefully, you have built a trusting connection where they feel safe to share their honest opinion on your client experience.

If they have expressed any concerns about their next steps, be willing to refer them and get them set up to succeed long after your services have been completed.

It is like a baby bird flying the nest for the first time. Yes, they could just start off and figure out where to go next, but they may not even know which direction to start. If you take the time to provide resources and knowledge from your experience, it may make the difference in money, time, and energy for them moving forward. Which is a super win!

Yes, a high-quality exit experience means that they are more likely to refer others to your services, but it also solidifies for your clients that you care, because you do. This is where they see you go that extra mile and give that last piece of value, so take the time to set up a flow that includes emails, reminders, and lists that include these very important steps.

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How to Create a High-Quality Client Experience with ClickUp

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