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Hi, I'm Jena

What is onboarding?!

Okay, so I could give you the textbook definition, but instead, I want you to think about the last time you brought someone into your business, client, or team member.

Take yourself back:

You are onboarding a new team member because you decided to level the heck up. Hell yes. You have this huge vision for what this means; You are making the energetic investment. You have found the perfect person to join your team.

You then hop on the onboarding Zoom call, you get your camera on, you look at the person on the other side of the screen, and…

You have no idea where to start. 😳

How are you supposed to get this person who is so perfect for your team to fully understand your vision, tasks, and systems all in one call?

The secret. You don’t.

Onboarding is literally the process you use to avoid overwhelm like this.

Your process from getting team members from hired to ready to go. A systemized checklist and guide to getting them “on board.”

Why is onboarding new team members is a must?

As narrated above, instead of getting on the initial call and HOPING that you cover everything and it doesn’t take your entire afternoon and that they won’t have any questions or needs moving forward, plan for your onboarding to take time and prepare for it.

Prepare for their sake and yours. When you have it laid out, you are less likely to forget important notes, more likely to make a great impression, and it adds a sense of authority that helps your new team member feel secure in your business.

Three ways to onboard team members in your small business

Are you feeling excited, nervous, overwhelmed…a little bit of everything?

That makes sense! This is new. You have done the work to find the perfect person to take the things off your list that take up time and energy, but now it’s time to bring them into your space and set them up for success.

Here are THREE ways to onboard team members as an entrepreneur or small business!

ONE. Prepare Onboarding ahead of time!

You have a lot on your plate, I know; that’s why you decided to outsource and onboard someone to your team. With that being said, taking the time to prepare yourself and your new team member saves time, energy, and efficiency in the long run.

TWO. Set expectations for the work.

Do you plan on checking in every day for progress updates and feedback, or do you plan on giving them all they need upfront and checking in every few days or once a week? What do tasks are theirs to manage? What is the goal of having them on your team? As important as it is for you to be grounded in your why it is also important for the people to bring that vision to life to be aligned with it.

THREE. Bring them into your systems.

What can this look like? This can look like having the right systems that help you not only

Onboard but also

  • Manage
  • Communicate with
  • Retain

with your team members with ease, organization, and consistency across the board.

AND You don’t have to figure it out on your own!

3 Tips for Onboarding A New Team Member

how to onboard team members

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