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How To Communicate With Your Team Using ClickUp

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Why using communicating with your team is crucial

Communicating with your team creates efficiency, trust, and authority with the purpose of being able to deliver on your vision and promises to your clients.

To do this your team must:

  • Know when you are available for feedback
  • Understand the tasks at hand
  • Have a clear understanding of how and when you want communication to occur
  • Believe that their questions are valid
  • And be passionate about the work they are doing!

This changes the frequency, the tone, and the understanding of the communication altogether.

Four ways to use ClickUp/your systems to communicate with your team

Whether you are just now outsourcing and building your team or you have been at it for a while, you can never get too good at communicating. There is always more to learn and always new ways to create consistency and clarity.

This is your chance to check in and your reminder to use your systems to their fullest when it comes to communication. 

First, Clear Roles and Responsibilities

Who does what? When is this due? Why is the important? When team members don’t have a clear picture of the task at hand, that task can fall through the cracks. Avoid this by assigning every single task. Who is it for and when is it due? It is that simple.

Not sure where to start with ClickUp, start here:

Second, Create Specific Tasks

No more broad ideas and vague project folders. Take the time to sit down and break down the project using features like project plans and timelines.

In ClickUp you can do this using task cards. Here is a QUICK run down:

Third, Create Tasks from Conversations and Comments

Make it a habit to create tasks out of every promise and comment that requires your energy or time. Prevent needed tasks from getting lost in the inbox.

How to add tasks from Slack

How to add tasks from Email

Forth, Set Up A System for Approvals

ClickUp features like custom statuses are a game-changer when it comes to approval systems. A simple change of status eliminates the back and forth, notifies all parties of the change, and keeps all the work in one place.

Want to keep leveling up for and with your team?! Learn to use your systems

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