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I help service-based professionals and creative agencies build scalable backend operations that support growth and sustainability in business using ClickUp as the operational base.

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Customizable widgets are the building blocks of Dashboards. They are the best way to build a high-level view of what’s going on in your client’s workspace because you can add as much or little information as you’d like to the dashboard.

Dashboards are one of my favorite ways to improve the client experience.  Utilizing these 5 widgets will take your client experience to the next level.

1.The Text Widget

This widget is an excellent option for creating a welcome message for your client-facing dashboard. It can be branded with your logo and add your contact information. 

It’s also a great place to give your client your contact information like your email, website, and how to schedule a call with you.

2.Embed Widget 

I like to use the Embed Widget to share a welcome video with my client.  It could give them instructions on utilizing the dashboard and making the most of their time working with you.  

You’ll want to set the expectation that this dashboard is their one-stop, all-in-one hub for anything they need from you, including communication, forms to fill out, and tasks to complete.

3. Task List

Create a List view in your Dashboard using tasks from any location.

  • Group tasks by the assignee or priority status 
  • Filter tasks to show overdue and upcoming tasks
  • See your full Task List  on your Dashboard


You can find more ideas here.

4. Chat Widget

The chat widget is to communicate with the client within the dashboard. Imagine no longer needing to keep track of client emails, Facebook messages, or Slack channels because everything is all in one place.

You can use the @ symbol to mention each other directly from the widget, which allows you to communicate back-and-forth, instead of using an external tool.  

You can learn more about automating your client communication using ClickUp here.

5.Progress Bar 

 The Progress Bar widget pulls information from a list inside your workspace.  It will display a visual of how many tasks have been completed.  It also lets you know how much of the project remains.

The project is complete when the progress bar is 100% green. 

Dashboards can be customized in so many different ways with widgets.  They will organize your entire workflow and change your interaction with clients for the better!

Dashboards can be customized in so many different ways with widgets.  They will organize your entire workflow and change your interaction with clients for the better!

5 Dashboard Must-Haves to LevelUp Your Client Experience

  If you are looking to learn how to better use the features of ClickUp, build-out & marry your processes with the tool, AND develop a scalable ClickUp workspace for your business, The LevelUp Method is the program for you.

The LevelUp Method is a 12-week group program that will elevate your confidence in ClickUp, bring you clarity around your processes and help you build (or rebuild) a strong foundation for your business growth.

5 Dashboard Must-Haves to Level Up Your Client Experience

Client Operations

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