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I help service-based professionals and creative agencies build scalable backend operations that support growth and sustainability in business using ClickUp as the operational base.

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If you are an OBM or VA, you probably work with multiple clients. You may be overwhelmed with keeping your tasks straight, tracking time, or setting deadlines.  A smooth-functioning task manager like ClickUp will keep you ahead and create an incredible client experience. 

ClickUp is great for optimizing your workspace and streamlining your workflow. Here are a few of our favorite features that make life easier for you, your team, and your clients.

1. Multiple Views

One of the great things about ClickUp is that you can customize your views.  This will help you work much more efficiently, and each view can provide a unique perspective on the work being performed. 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to set up views of projects. 

  • Gantt View: Use for a client launch to make sure you are meeting deadlines
  • Table View: Use this to collect various data like client information or brainstorming content ideas
  • Box View or Workload View: use this to see how the workload is distributed among your team members.

Whichever view you decide, you can Pin it for easy access.

2. ClickUp Automations

You can integrate your email with ClickUp to directly manage and respond to communications from ClickUp. Using automated actions will save you so much time and energy.  And it will open up more space in your calendar to serve clients. 

A unique way to use automations is between Facebook Messenger and ClickUp.  When a client sends you a message, a task is created in ClickUp. This will allow you to better manage inquiries, feedback, and keep communication in one place for your team. 

Learn more about how we use automations here

3. Dashboards

Dashboards are a very versatile tool within ClickUp.  They can track client task progress, new leads, communications, and give you a high-level view of your business.  

ClickUp widgets are all customizable.  They can be used to build custom dashboards for each client. There are widgets for time tracking, embedding videos, project status, and so much more.  Widgets can be adjusted by size too! 

Here are 5 Widgets you should be using on your Dashboards to level up your client experience. 

If you need help organizing ClickUp to be your command center, a ClickUp Buildout Sprints is just for you! Let’s create seamless operations within your ClickUp system focused on your unique goals as a business owner while you take that time to do what you do best. 

Your ClickUp Buildout Sprints could include:

  • Developing company-wide departments
  • Implementing structure for high-quality client experience & management
  • Building out high-level reporting dashboards

3 Must-Have ClickUp Features for OBM’S AND VA’S

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