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I help service-based professionals and creative agencies build scalable backend operations that support growth and sustainability in business using ClickUp as the operational base.

Hi, I'm Jena

Interviewing one of my clients about her experience as a client was an incredible opportunity for me. It gives insight into how implementing my systems and using ClickUp actually works and allows everyone to hear from someone who has worked with me and got results!

So, Lucy Bedewi is the brains behind @MyWriteHandWoman. She has a team to support her with marketing and the template shop, but Lucy is the only writer. She offers her clients VIP Days and other writing services. 

Behind the Scenes of My Write Hand Woman

Tell me more about the internal workings of your business, like what you do, how you do them, and then I know you have some team members, things like that. So talk through kind of the inner workings of all that. 

So, for the most part, even though I have a team, I definitely see my business as kind of a one-woman show from the writing side. 

Most of the time, it’s me working with the client, whether it’s a VIP day or a writing project. And then the team really comes in when it comes to marketing my business and getting my name out there. Also, when it comes to the passive products at the template shop. 

So that’s where I break the business into two, half the team side is more on the outward facing, the marketing side. Then when it comes to clients and working and writing, it’s really just me, with the client just being super focused on their business.

How many clients do you say that you work with? Like, every month?

I probably work with about ten to 20 clients a month.

What kind of industries are they in that you work with? 

So they tend to be in service-based industries, like many coaches, service providers, and creative entrepreneurs. But I also work with Ecommerce. 

The main thing that kind of brings everyone together is a lot of companies with a lot of personality. So I don’t work with many of those more professional industries like legal or engineering. So nothing too technical. But yeah, most of the time, it’s women-owned businesses with a lot of flare.

The Struggle Is Real

Before we started working together, what was the main issue or challenges? Basically . . . your pain points that you were running into before we started working together? 

Yeah, I just felt super disorganized. I had the saddle. So things were organized from the client side where people felt like they were getting a good experience. Still, I was having a hard time keeping all of my projects together. 

For example, say this project is on edits round one, but we’re just kicking off this project. So I needed that internal organization mostly so I just wouldn’t get overwhelmed, but also so I could scale.

How would you say that you got to that problem or that issue? Was it like a big lead-up that got you there, or were you working on a particular project? Where you’re like, I really need to get my systems in order. What made you, like, the light bulb go off? 

I think it was a combination of pain points and dream points. I was missing details, and then someone would give me a small copy project to do, and I’d feel awful because I’d tell them, “It’ll be done by the end of the week.” Then I would totally forget I needed to do it. For the most part, I can recover from small things like that. 

But I was worried that those small things would turn into big things as I scale. And then, in terms of dream point, I just knew I wanted to have a business model. I never saw being booked out as a badge of honor. That’s just something I thought of as a service provider. 

So I was like . . . If I’m going to not be booked out and give people that high-touch service if you get a VIP day next week, then I will need a system that will allow me to do that and provide that level of service.

When you were looking for someone to come and help you solve those problems, what was it that you were looking for or hoping for that would come out of that?

So I think as much as I needed a ClickUp build, I think I also was looking for someone who could kind of help me organize my processes, organize my mind, so that the click up made sense. Because frankly, I feel like a lot of people could just plug some things into ClickUp, and like, here’s a ClickUp workspace. But I really wanted someone who would just sit down with me and get to know my mind, especially because I probably like to do things a little more avant-garde than how other people would do it. 

I really wanted a custom solution.

When you got to the point where you knew what you were looking for, why did you choose to go with me? 

So I had been following you for a really long time, and I remember I was just like, I did my due diligence, and I looked at a few different ClickUp pros, and I just like how you were kind of my opposite personality, for lack of a better word. 

You are so structured and systematized; you’re just good at it. You’re good at the details, the process, and the flow. 

And I’m a creative. That’s where I just feel like I’m my heads in the clouds. 

I knew I wanted to bring someone who is my opposite and who could really fill in at a really high intelligent level where I’m just not as good at. 

I read your testimonials, and frankly, you’re the best of the best, and I’m the person where, when I invest, I want someone who’s going to get it done right the first time. 

I just saw that you were doing these look-up bills. I’m a big fan of the VIP day, so I knew exactly how that business model works. I just knew that by sundown, I’d have a fully functioning pickup system that perfectly matches how my brain works.

Awesome. Love it. 

The Transformation

So when we worked together, we did a strategy session first, right? And there was that full build-out day. So talk me through your experience in doing the strategy piece of it and then throughout the day of the bill. 

So the strategy was kind of hard. . . . I’m not going to lie. These are things that I definitely, probably should have thought of as foundational, but when you kind of start from the middle, sometimes you have to backtrack and be like, okay, how do I actually work with clients? 

It was kind of fun just to think, okay, well, how does that work? Where is that moving piece? 

That was a little bit complex for me, but it really got me to think deeply about my business. And then, when it came to the day, I had such clean energy. 

I felt like I was just sitting, doing whatever the heck I wanted. 

And every couple of hours, maybe you text me a question, but for the most part, I just got on my computer at the end of the day and was like, oh, I have a ClickUp.

Oh, my God. I love that. 

That’s exactly how I felt when you wrote my copy. 

I was like, I feel so badass right now, driving to vacation, and you’re doing all this for me.

Yes, it’s the best feeling. 

That’s why I think a VIP day is gold, because you’re like, know at the end of the day, all my problems will be fixed.

Now that it’s been built out, what benefit(s) did you see immediately after everything was done? What was the immediate benefit that you found after it was built?

Yeah, I mean, immediate is like, I had a place for everything. So when a client was like, oh, I can’t find my brand voice questionnaire, I’m like, no problem. 

And I would just go into the ClickUp, grab that link and email it to them. And I’m not searching through my google drive to try and find that questionnaire. So that was tangible, immediate. 

Also, the fact that I had spreadsheets for my PR features and stuff like that, whenever anyone would ask me about anything, it’s like, boom. Go to the exact location. I can do that. A VA can do that. 

There is just an organizational system.

Now that it’s been some time since we actually did the build, what benefits have you seen that’s sort of spanning over time?

The benefits I’m seeing are definitely on the side of scaling. 

I have kind of learned ClickUp as I’ve gone. To be honest, I haven’t touched the space you built that much. It was done well, but I’ve developed a few checklists now that I put under my client project

So it’s like every single client package or project, there is a specific process, so there’s not a whole lot of customizing or figuring out a timeline as I go. It’s really just like, okay, we do this, we do this, we do this. 

And I’m noticing that my projects are much more smooth. They’re just flowing right through. 

I don’t have to go back to a project that was supposed to be done four months ago because boundaries weren’t in place. I’m now like, okay, this is the timeline, this is the process. We’re all on the same page. 

And because of this, I can take on more projects each month. 

Are there any specific KPIs or statistics or anything like that that you can share that sort of demonstrates how impactful this has been for you?

Yeah, I guess the best KPI I could share would be in terms of I don’t think I have a number for you present right off the bat. 

But for example, for me, when it comes to taking on client projects, I used to only be able to take on two client projects because they were just, like, all intensive. I’m not talking about the VIP days; more like the long-term projects. 

And now, I actually raised my rates on my client packages because I felt like I was able to just give a higher level of service. But not only am I able to do that but I can definitely up my capacity of client projects that I have. 

So, from a number standpoint, I used to charge about $4,000 for full web copy. I raised my rates to $6,500, and I probably could go from two clients to now I would feel comfortable taking on, like five to seven clients a month for that package. 

So, as you can see from the math, that would be exponential. So I just feel like my capacity more than my sales have increased. My capacity has increased to allow me to scale into it.

What would you tell somebody who was looking to do, like, a complete build-out like you did?

I would honestly tell them to go for it. I think that’s such cliche advice, but it’s one of those things where it’s like, you invest once, and then you have your whole business built out. 

Just DIYing and scrapping it together and just making this software that I have to learn, and I’m only going to execute it to probably, 30% of its capabilities. 

For me, it was, like, a no-brainer to hire an expert, but I know if someone is more inclined to DIY, I would be like, don’t play with your systems, because that’s going to be the buttery smooth process that lets you scale up.

Final Thoughts

I think the main thing I would just share would just be to just go with you. You really know what you’re doing with ClickUp. I have to say, it was so smooth, and I’ve honestly, I think, mentioned your name so many times to people that are like, I don’t know, I’m feeling so stressed. 

I used to do it, and I’m like, no, get on Click up. You’re a CEO. What are you doing? So I think it’s one of those things where it’s easy to resist this software because they feel so overwhelming. 

But the truth is if you have help and support, it’s up and running in a day, you learn it in a week, and you’re done.

Well, this is awesome. . . . I appreciate you being open and honest. 

Thank you.

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