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I help service-based professionals and creative agencies build scalable backend operations that support growth and sustainability in business using ClickUp as the operational base.

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ClickUp has many views to give you a personalized perspective on your tasks. In ClickUp’s Board view, tasks are organized in columns based on the due date, assignee, and more. Board view’s powerful drag-and-drop interface makes it a go-to option for visual workers. Board view also offers an added layer of organization with Swimlanes.

Swimlanes organize complex information into categorized rows. A Swimlane diagram sorts the steps of a process into horizontal or vertical Swimlanes that represent categories. 

They are often used to organize tasks into rows based on a second field. For example, you can organize by status and priority to create a high-level overview of your team’s most important tasks.

Adding a Swimlane

Create a Board view at any level of your Workspace. Choose whether you want to focus on a single List, an entire Folder, or even all Spaces across your Workspace using the Everything view.

In Board view, you’ll see a dropdown menu with two sections:

  • Group by: Arrange columns by one field, like status or assignee.
  • Swimlanes: Arrange rows by any field that’s not set for columns.

To access the menus and set up a Swimlane:

  1. Open a Board view.
  2. From the right side of the Views Bar, open the Group by menu. 
  3. Select a group by option. 
  4. From the bottom of the menu, enable Swimlanes.
  5. Select a Swimlanes option. 

Try different combinations of fields to see your data in a new way and customize it for different project needs.

Rearrange columns and rows

Once you select both fields, you can rearrange your columns and rows to get a different point of view. The selected field will have a checkmark next to it. The field selected in one menu will be grayed out in the other menu.

To rearrange:

From either menu, click the grayed-out option, and the columns and rows will swap.

Creating new tasks

You can quickly create a new task from a Swimlane. The task ends up where you need it with fewer clicks!

To create a task from your Swimlane: 

  1. Hover over an existing task to display the + New Task button.
    Screenshot showing how to create a new task from a swimlane.
  2. Click + New Task.
  3. Create the task.

Even more organization

Board view gives you a great visual of all your tasks. You can add more information by turning on different Board view settings to keep yourself organized.

  • View Settings by clicking thein the right-hand corner of your Board view.
  • You can add the time tracker, display assignees, and add images on the card face.

You can also organize your cards with custom fields on the card. 

Now you can see everything you need without clicking and going into the card.

ClickUp Swimlanes offer much flexibility in how you can view and organize your tasks for all the different projects you may have. 

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How to Organize Your ClickUp Board View with Swimlanes

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