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Manage Your Monthly Sales Leads With ClickUp

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Lead your sales, don’t let them lead you

Are you watching leads float away as you scramble to clean up your hot mess backend?⁣

Does the idea of creating robust workflows make you tense up with overwhelm?

Instead of feeling those feelings, how about we shift you into a space of confidence and clarity. There are many ways you can track leads, and it is my goal to walk you through them as best as I can across my platforms. The one I chose to share with you today is for the visual task manager—the person who likes to see progress and track success.

Here is the rundown on how you can use the “Goals” feature in ClickUp to manage your monthly leads.

Why use the “goals” feature?

The goals feature allows you to track your targets, link your tasks, and gain monthly feedback on your month’s progress.

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How to use the goals feature

The goals feature is foreign to many ClickUp users. Here is a walkthrough of how to use this feature & some basic examples to help you further understand its power.

(Video Breakdown of Goals Basics: Click Here)

How to use the goals feature for lead management

  1. Set your leads generation goal
  2. Set your timeline
  3. Set your target (discovery calls, social media engagements, networking events, etc.)
  4. Link to sales-related tasks from your lists
  5. Assess your goals & monitor your targets often
  6. Re-evaluate and set new goals!

If you have been trying to track your leads or monitor your sales but are struggling to make it work the way you want to, a VIP day would be a great fit for you!

VIP Days are highly customized project management tool (ClickUp) build-outs.

These builds are individually customized to fit the specific needs of the business and the entire team. A cookie-cutter approach to your unique backend operations doesn’t cut it.

This package includes:

– 60-Minute Strategy Call
– Full Implementation Day (6-7 hours)
– 1-Week of Support
– 60-Minute Follow Up Call

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