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I help service-based professionals and creative agencies build scalable backend operations that support growth and sustainability in business using ClickUp as the operational base.

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As a coach or consultant, you may be supporting several clients. ClickUp can help you elevate your client experience, track your client’s progress, and streamline your project management. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use ClickUp.

1️. Develop a templated client folder

Think about the client’s journey from start to finish. Your clients come to you for your authority, expertise, and energy. You want to make onboarding easy, so your clients feel supported, understood, and informed with your service systems. When you are onboarding a new client, you’ll typically require a similar set of action items. Instead of recreating the Folders, Lists, and tasks, save them as templates! You can save templates on the Space, Folder, List, task, and checklist levels.

What you can put in your client folder

  • Resources  
  • Client Information
  • Project/Service Tasks  
  • Client Administrative Tasks  

Here are more ways to optimize your client onboarding process.

2. Create Client Goals

With the Goals feature, you can keep track of your clients goals with clear timelines, measurable targets, and automatic progress. Create high-level monthly or quarterly goals and set clear targets to track your client’s wins.

Types of Targets: 

  • Task Targets
  • Number Targets
  • Monetary Targets
  • True/False Targets 

Once you update your progress on a Target, depending on its type, your Target will have different tracking options.

For example, if you’re using the Currency Target type, you’ll be able to enter a dollar amount to track an increase or decrease towards your Goal. Your Goal progress percentage will automatically update as you update your Targets.

You can get a visual of your client’s progress by adding the Goals widget to their client Dashboard. When you can view goals with visuals, it helps make these goals a reality.

Read about more widgets you need to amplify your client project management here.

3. Track Client Meetings

Use ClickUp Docs to keep a running list of meeting notes. Docs are shareable with anyone who accesses, or the link. 

What you can put in your Meeting Doc:

  • Link to the Zoom meeting
  • Agenda, what is going to be discussed and happen at the meeting?
  • Tag your team or attendees with important information.
  • Assign tasks from the document!

Using Docs for meeting notes allows you to view your notes over the lifetime of the client enabling you to see trends, track progress, & maintain a record of knowledge about the client.

5 more tips for retaining your clients here.

Are you excited by the potential of ClickUp but not sure where to start? A ClickUp Buildout Sprints with me can help! I will help you streamline and optimize the management of your clients, team, and projects.

3 Ways Coaches & Consultants Can Manage Client Progress with ClickUp

Client Operations

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