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I help service-based professionals and creative agencies build scalable backend operations that support growth and sustainability in business using ClickUp as the operational base.

Hi, I'm Jena

Automations help you save time and increase productivity. Manual work is time-consuming and easy to forget. ClickUp makes it easy to automate your routine tasks. Use pre-built automation recipes or customize them based on your needs, so your team can focus where it matters most. Here are 3 ways to use Automations to make life easier.

1️. Reassigning Tasks

Using automation to reassign tasks when a status changes is a great way to simplify the action you manually take in ClickUp.  For example, when a status changes from IN PROGRESS to FOR REVIEW you can automatically have the task reassign itself to the person responsible for that action.

2️. Applying Templates

You can apply a template-based automation to an action to avoid manually adding tasks. You can use pre-set Triggers and Actions to see which Automations are useful for your team. They can be used as-is and you can also customize them. For example, when a task is created, you can apply a task card template that will populate your to-do items for you. 

This is perfect for things like:

  • Processes
  • Events
  • Bug reports
  • Anything else you consistently create tasks for.

3️.  Changing Priority

Automatically update task statuses when a priority changes. Using automation to prompt a priority change can bring those important tasks to your attention before they are missed. For example, when the due date for a task arrives, the automation will change task priority. Automatically update task statuses, assignees, tags, and more when a priority changes, or creates a new task.

Here are more tips on ClickUp Automations.

Do you need help managing the ins and outs of your business in ClickUp? Save time and frustration with Plug & Play templates. Keep your business running smoothly with Internal Operation templates, or manage your marketing content with Marketing templates. Check out the different template options and see a demo of each one here.

3 Must-Use ClickUp Automations for Efficiency

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