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Are you tired of toggling between apps for your team meetings? Bring out your A-game with ClickUp Dashboard!

You read that right! ClickUp is so dynamic and powerful that you can host team meetings right in the heart of your ClickUp dashboard.

I’ll be sharing some essential steps below, so keep reading!

But first, why choose ClickUp for your team meetings?

Well, picture this: all your tasks, goals, and discussions live harmoniously in one place. If you could add meetings into this mix, you’re basically creating a centralized hub where everything happens. Voila! Productivity is made even more seamless! No more app-hopping y’all.

So how do you get down to business of actually hosting your meeting in your ClickUp Dashboard?

Step 1: Set Up Your Meeting Space

Create a dedicated space for your team meetings. You can use a text widget to label this space. In ClickUp, this could be a workspace or a specific project where you’ll keep all meeting-related tasks, notes, and resources. It’s like setting up a conference room that’s always open.

Step 2: Create a Meeting Agenda Task

Meetings without agendas are like road trips without a map. Using a task widget, create a task for each meeting and use it to outline the agenda. Break down discussion points, assign owners to topics, and attach relevant documents. This way, everyone’s on the same page before the meeting even begins.

Step 3: Utilize Checklists for Tasks

Within your agenda task, use checklists for each discussion point. This keeps the meeting focused and ensures no topic gets lost in the talks. Checklists act like your meeting itinerary. Tick off these tasks as you go to keep everyone moving forward.

Step 4: Host the (Virtual) Meeting

Here comes the fun part – hosting the meeting itself. While ClickUp doesn’t have built-in video conferencing, you can integrate your favorite video conferencing tool (like Zoom or Microsoft Teams) into ClickUp using custom fields or task descriptions. Include the meeting link, date, and time in your task details for easy access. But if you opt for a face-to-face meeting instead, you can skip this tool integration and still get the meeting done in the same ClickUp Dashboard.

Step 5: Take Real-Time Meeting Notes

During the meeting, use a task description, comment section, or even a Google Docs integration to take real-time meeting notes. Assign a designated note-taker or let everyone contribute simultaneously. No more frantic scribbling – the meeting notes live where they should, right in ClickUp!

Step 6: Assign Action Items

As discussions unfold, tasks and action items might emerge. Assign these tasks directly within the meeting task or create new tasks on the fly. This way, responsibilities are clear, and nothing falls through the cracks.

Step 7: Post-Meeting Wrap-Up

After the meeting, update the meeting task with a summary of what was discussed, decisions made, and action items assigned. This becomes a valuable reference point for attendees and non-attendees alike. Plus, it streamlines communication and keeps everyone aligned.

Are you ready to get started with your team meeting?

With all your meeting-related tasks, agendas, notes, and follow-ups residing in one dashboard, you’re not just hosting meetings; you’re orchestrating symphonies of productivity.

So, whether you’re a team leader, a project manager, or a productivity fanatic, you can embrace the power of ClickUp dashboard for your team meetings. If you need further support in setting up your ClickUp Dashboard, feel free to send me a DM!

How to Host your Team Meetings Using ClickUp Dashboard in 7 Easy Steps


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